Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Wayward Yogic Poet

"Yogic Poetry?"
He asked

Yes I've decided
To publish some
At last.

"Hm, why have you taken
So long to take
This step?"

Because I haven't
Written any

Well, actually I have
But it's plain
To see,
I need more time
To make
Poetic Yogi
History . . .

. . . I'll put the kettle on!

On my other blog, 1Yogi2Many, I have written plenty of poetry . . . of a sort. Although I have to say that much of my work comes to me in Aphoristic style, oops, what does that mean? I mean in the style of an Aphorism or even a Stanza . . . or some such stylization of words. Basically what writes through me, writes through me . . what happens, happens . . is there really any choice? Sometimes, I find, there are no words to write with, just as there are days when I don't have the legs to dance with ;-/ ....

... you know exactly what I mean, right? Is it a problem, no, what is . .  . Is.