Thursday, 1 November 2012


DMT 2U&Me,
Sends one on a trip
It seems, with
Psychedelic meandering,
Alien encountering,
Ineffable Spirituality
Bearing Hallucinogenic Tendencies;
A Shamans Reality

                          Yes . . .
 . . . but this time, Only Meditatively!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

This (almost) Poem I wrote this morning whilst in bed, it describes how I felt at that moment in time - EXACTLY!

. . from an exhausted head . . 

Exhausted disposition
It is Unanimous
Functioning disabled
Incapacitated brain waves
Chemically imbalanced
Photons misfiring
Totally Pusillanimous.

What is it about? It's about my state of mind, well I am tired through lack of sleep and my partner and I had heavy discussions the night before - and I have this hanger-on of a virus which is making me feel totally out of sorts and has done for over two weeks now.

Feeling sorry for meself? Absolutely ha, ha - and yes, that is soooo unenlightened of me, I totally agree; so be it!

Anyway, the point is I got out of that pusillanimous state of mind by getting showered, and doing some EFT, which is Emotional Freedom Techniques for the uninitiated amongst my readers, and a little meditation and positive self-talk helped as well!

Friday, 14 September 2012


Writer's Block
Dissipated through
Ummmm . . .

. . let me think, errr . . .

Oh Yeah...

It matters not
You simply don't care,
My Block though
Leaves me in despair;
Wide eyed
Coffee induced
The Pulling out of hair,

Oops! What happened there?
I said Aagh!
But computer say 'NO',
We'll have 'Wahhabi'
(Where the Fffff did that come from?)

Maybe Wahhabi
Is all that's
In my head?

I really Koran
Not believe it,
I should have left
The word
In a conservative
Saudi Arabian


Was that a sign?
No, a sigh,
You're confused by
A line,
An extension above the 'n'
Turning this sign


Yes please,
Make mine HOT
With melted Ice Cream;
I wave goodbye
To the empty sigh
Inside my Tummy!

By golly
I think it's worked
My waffling has
Deliquesced this Block;
And the Mountain?
To Mohammed
Has come
As once more


Meaning Of:



  [wuh-hah-bee, wah-]  Show IPA
noun, plural Wah·ha·bis. Islam .
a follower of ╩┐Abd al-Wahhab (1703–1792), who stringentlyopposed all practices not sanctioned by the Koran. The Wahhabis,founded in the 18th century, are the most conservative Muslimgroup and are today found mainly in Saudi Arabia.

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Indifferent Moment

Once conceived
What's focused on
Can be achieved;
Positive or negative
Are simply opposite positions
So don't be deceived;
Where your attention is
Doesn't even have to be
Joyously Believed!

What's acknowledged
Becomes reality,
Emotional attachment
Like a hook of intent
Makes Conception an inevitability . . .

. . and so,
The Moment Unfolds

Okey, be warned . . the truth may hurt, but the moment is totally indifferent, it simply unfolds accordingly; meaning? Well, what one has in one's life, right now, is what one has acknowledged to oneself that one is truly worthy of. 

You can't fool consciousness (The Moment), it simply unfolds according to what you 'believe' to be real or true. It will unfold as your greatest fears, regardless of all protestations, if those fears are greater than your greatest desires . . .

. . "What you acknowledge is what you get!" There's no escape clause here . . . 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

You Spruik Too Soon . . .

Don't go into your Spruik
For me
I really don't Spook
That easily;
Seen it all before.
Spiel like that?
Only makes me feel
Not sitting on the fence here
Sorry, but you have no
defence . . .

. . . you see?

Probably not,
Your Spruik is
All thou be!

Please apply to all Self-opinionated Spiel thrusters!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Painted Lady

Painted Lady
Skin farded thick in her forte'd disguise.

Painted Lady
Mascara dripping darkened eyes.

Painted Lady
Perfume drenched to attract desired male fly's.

Painted Lady
Her smile; mock-modesty, her cheek?
Part paint;

Mostly a lie . . .

Painted Lady
Stiletto boots up to her thighs.

Painted Lady
Clothes twisted to attract the attention for which,

Her desperation Cries.

It's not about 
rights and wrongs, 
it is 
about seeing the reality behind 
The Masquerade!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hey Rube!

Shout Hey Rube, rally the troops, 
Shout Hey Rube; put on your boots. 
Hit them now, 
They shout OW!. 
Shout Hey Rube to end all 
                              Public-Circus disputes!


What's this limerick all about? Well now, the term Hey Rube originated in the 19th century when circuses were rowdy affairs and "Hey Rube" was the rallying cry to call all circus people to help in a fight with townspeople. It's not clear whether Rube in this term was someone specific or simply a use of the informal term rube (shortened form of Reuben) for an unsophisticated person from a rural area. Earliest documented use: 1882. Visit: